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The information shared in this whitepaper is not all encompassing or comprehensive and does not in any way intend to create or put into implicit effect any elements of a contractual relationship. The primary purpose of this whitepaper is to provide potential token holders with pertinent information in order for them to thoroughly analyse the project and make an informed decision. Prior to your participation in the purchase of HOMELESS TOKEN, we strongly advocate a careful study of this whitepaper all the documents associated with the same, including the contract in relation to the purchase of the same. You may even engage the services of appropriate experts to help you with investment analysis. Certain statements, estimates and financial information featured in this whitepaper are forwardlooking statements that are based on and take into consideration certain known and unknown contingencies and risks which in eventuality may cause the estimated results or may differ factually and substantially from the featured estimates or results extrapolated or expressed in such forward-looking statements herewith.

What is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency (or crypto) is a form of digital cash that enables individuals to transmit value in a digital setting.

About Homeless Token

Since the advent of Bitcoin and the ever evolving landscape that is cryptocurrency, people of the world have been focused on making money and making if fast. We hear Stories of millionaires and billionaires, day after day.

But Homeless Token plans to change the game. It's time to give a little back. With 5% of every sale to the homeless people. And it is with the sale of these proceeds that Homeless Token can help so many people around the world.

The Homeless Token is community driven, And a DeFi Token. It's that simple!

Our extensive technical roadmap (to include NFT’s, wallets, apps, and public charity as well as new decentralised Blockchain) will bring us on a steady journey of growth over the coming years. With a dedicated and experienced team, passionate about aiding Homeless Charities around the globe, Homeless Token is very excited about the future. Want to help us make a difference?

To achieve our goals Homeless Token will abide by the following 5 CORE VALUES.

Charity was and will always be the number one reason for the creation of Homeless Token. With as many as 1.6 billion people lacking adequate housing around the world, we have ALOT of work to do.


We need community spirit to make this work. As our community grows, so too will our ability to make a change. Together we can make the world a little better for those without a home, those without a voice.


The team behind Homeless Token are committed to ensuring all donations are transparent. Along with all donations being transparent, we will be fully audited both technically and financially by independent 3rd parties. All data will be made fully available to our community and the wider public.


All records of how 5% of the sale proceeds donated to homeless people will be provided on a quarterly basis. This is to show how dedicated we are to our course and that we will not relent in our services.


Our technical roadmap will ensure longevity for the Homeless Token. We will continue to develop out real-world use-cases for the token.

Why Homeless Token?
This currency is a way in helping people from all over the world in terms of homeless people to people with limited income from the high cost of living , diseases , wars and natural disasters , and with it we support all classes and this currency is a way to support the establishment of charitable shelters .
Why Decentralization?

In the world of blockchain, you will find the decentralized vs centralized debate a lot. After all, blockchain technology can make centralized systems a thing of the past. In any scenario, if you are new to blockchain technology, then you might find yourself confused with the centralization vs decentralization concepts.

We will now explore the decentralized vs centralized concept in connection with

Why BSC?
There is no second thought about Binance Smart Chain emerging as a leading blockchain network. Owning a blockchain platform will be a mainstream practice soon.

Below are the major advantages.
BSC is EVM Compatible
BSC is fully EVM compatible. It supports one of the most popular DeFi wallets – Metamask. Moreover, it has pre-integrated price oracles (e.g. ChainLink) which are very important for dapps of different types. With this kind of compatibility, it has become very easy for dapps owners to switch from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain.

Low Transaction Fees
When DeFi coins soared in 2021, Ethereum transaction fees hit record highs. This became a bottleneck for DeFi growth and discouraged mass participation. In comparison to Ethereum, gas fees on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) are almost 20 times lower.
As a result, it drastically changed the game for DeFi protocols and people who are looking to launch a coin on BSC. That’s because DeFi developers can now focus on innovation rather than worrying about the high transaction fees. Similarly, user participation also receives encouragement.
Performance suitable for mass adoption
Binance Smart Chain or BSC utilizes Proof of Staked Authority (PoSA) consensus. The algorithm uses 21 validators and is capable of producing a new block every 3 seconds. This provides DeFi app developers with a high-speed the infrastructure required to compete against traditional software-based lending or borrowing apps.

Every country in the world suffers from homelessness. Why? Is there not enough wealth and resources on the planet to ensure a level playing field? Of course there is. But unfortunately, we sometimes forget that just around the corner is another homeless man, woman or child. It’s sometimes easier not to look. It’s sometimes easier not to listen. It’s sometimes easier not to speak. It’s always easy to find someone to blame.
It’s not so easy to stop and realise, “WE MUST MAKE A CHANGE”. Based on national reports, it's estimated that no less than 150 million people, or about 2 percent of the world's population, are homeless to some extent. However, about
1.6 billion, more than 20 percent of the world's population, lack adequate housing.

Homeless Token is determined to help make that change. With your help, we can positively impact the lives of countless homeless around the world. It won’t be easy, in fact it will be very difficult. But it WILL be worth it. With 5% of every sale of Homeless Token going towards aiding homeless charities, we WILL make a difference. Help us grow our community. Help us fulfil our mission. We need you. The homeless need you.

Token Name: Homeless Token Token Symbol: HLS
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Decimal: 18

It is a token on the binance smart chain network(BEP 20). It is listed on pancake swap and readily available for purchase. It has auto-liquidity which increases the floor price and makes it more a stable coin.

Token Distribution



Below are the steps involved in purchasing Homeless Token

Create  Wallet First, create aMulti-Coin crypto Wallet with a free
provider like Trustwallet or MetaMask.
Fund Wallet
In the second Step, you need to fund your Wallet with BSC, you currently can't use Etherium.

Connect Wallet
Now you need to connect your Wallet to Pancake Swap, in order to swap your BSC for LoliCoin
Finally, you need to paste our Contract Address into PancakeSwap. After that Click the Button "Swap".

ning of Homeless Token Project ching of the Homeless Token Project
g on Pancake swap

Making Contracts more reliable Listing on More Exchangers Addition of More smart contracts
Launch of Homeless NFT(Coming soon)

Burning of unsold SOLV

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