About Homeless Token

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About Homeless Token

About Homeless Token

Since the advent of Bitcoin and the ever evolving landscape that is cryptocurrency, people of the world have been focused on making money and making if fast. We hear Stories of millionaires and billionaires, day after day.

But Homeless Token plans to change the game. It's time to give a little back. With 5% of every sale to the homeless people. And it is with the sale of these proceeds that Homeless Token can help so many people around the world.

The Homeless Token is community driven, And a DeFi Token. It's that simple!

Our extensive technical roadmap (to include NFT’s, wallets, apps, and public charity as well as new decentralised Blockchain) will bring us on a steady journey of growth over the coming years. With a dedicated and experienced team, passionate about aiding Homeless Charities around the globe, Homeless Token is very excited about the future. Want to help us make a difference?

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